Humans of Nathadel have a small pantheon, known collectively as The Sovereign Host and various sects laude one above the others.

The pantheon of the Humans includes:

The Traveler, a faceless god worshipped by travelling merchants, and sailors

Pelor, god of the sun and light

Nerull, god of death and the underworld

The Twins, Tyr, and Helm, gods of war and conflict, technically two gods they are represented by two figures wrestling.  One of the gods represents fortification, preparation, strategy, and other represents armies, siege weapons, tactics

Ehlonna, goddess of the harvest, and fertility.

Procan, god of the oceans, and weather


High Elves have an even smaller pantheon, called The Trinity of Light

Cyndora, goddess of time, infinity, travel

Corellon Larethian, god of magic, and knowledge, music, arts, war

Bahamut, god of good, dragons, light, and sun


Halflings tend toward gods of harvest, fertility, joy, food, feasts, and other hedonistic enterprises.  They take their gods from other civilizations, but also have a few of their own.  The following are Halfling exclusive Gods, but their pantheon includes many others.

Belun – God of light, luck and happiness

Komodia – Goddess of happiness and amusement

Mabon – God of fertility and wisdom


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