Calendar of Nathadel

The calendar is made up of ten equal months divided into 36 days with 5 days of holidays and feasts taken at the beginning of the new year, called “festivus”

The months are named:

Nathad, Vuldin, Armas, Sul, Tervid, Bralust, Fedwan, Tay, Nathock, Korgem

The weeks are 6 days long with six even weeks per month.

The days of the weeks are named:

Plorsday, Procday, Tyrday, Hemday, Lonnasday, Rullday

How many moons are there?  2

What are their names?  Nomos (the mother of beasts), and Sevis (the trickster)

6 is a sacred number because of the 6 × 6 months

Calendar of Nathadel

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