The Fall

Murder and Death

Date: Plorsday the 7th of Fedwan YN 198

The heroes head through the city to the merchant’s quarter.  There they tear off job posters for vermin disposal in a rich merchant’s basement, and a job scouting the Ruins of Nadeem for a road through.  The group stops to watch a street performer play, and tips him generously.  The Monk then steals all the money he tipped the musician back.  The musician finishes his set and decides to follow the other two.  When finally they reach the Magistrate’s office at the top of a small rise, a halfling has beaten them to it, and interrogated the magistrate’s assistant about the magistrate’s daughter, and the disappearances on the docks.  The young musician, through use of his enchanting voice he bewitches the magistrate’s assistant to get her out of the way, and sends her to a tavern to get drunk.  Tibet, the Monk, leaves and tries to subtly whisper to the halfling to distract the guards, but his suspicious behavior catches their attention and they are placed under arrest.  Tibet kills the two guards while the halfling runs for it, following the magistrate’s assistant to the tavern.  Meanwhile, the Elf, and the musician knock on the magistrate’s door, and he answers grumpily, having obviously been interrupted at something.  He tells them he’s looking into the disappearances and goes back to his office, closing and locking the door.  Tibet drags the bodies of the two guards into the magistrate’s building just as the office door is closing.  Fin blocks the magistrates door with a chair, Tibet smashes through the window of the magistrate building, running to catch up with the halfling. Fin takes the keys off the guards, and the musician takes the coin purses.  They leave through the front door and are accused of murder by a steadily growing crowd.  They run for it and make it to a hideout under the Sidoi Bridge where Slem showed Fin the secret room.  Slem is there writing his history, and doesn’t take well to being interrupted.

    The halfling catches up to the magistrate’s assistant, and plies her for more information about the magistrate and the disappearances.  She has one freak out and runs outside screaming about magic being used in the city, but then comes back and settles down, still under the effects of Charm Person.  Tibet makes it into the tavern a little behind the halfling and watches him interact the the magistrate’s assistant from across the smoky tavern.  After an hour of pumping the increasingly drunk woman for information she finally passes out just as the effects of the spell are wearing off.

    Thinking that their companions must have made their way to the only tavern they know about, The Salty Wind, the musician, and the elf head there, only to find the place almost empty with just one table of five sailors drinking.  Liaone confronts Fin about finding her husband.  He assures her that they are headed out in the morning.  The bard sings songs, and buys several rounds of drinks for everyone.  The bard, dressed in the garb of a duke with a fake signet ring, reassures Liaone that he is personally looking into the matter of her missing husband.  Eventually they party hires two of the five sailors to come help sail their small fishing boat for a whopping fee of 1 gold per day.

They find comfortable lodging at the same inn as the night before.

At just before dawn on the 8th of Fedwan, the group all make their way to the docks and meet the two sailors. The somewhat incredulous sailors set sail with the bard in the cargo hold as there is not enough room on deck for all of the party.  The bard, Jean, offers them each another gold piece to go with it, after one remarks that the party is very well armed for a fishing expedition.  They accept.  After an hour and a half of sailing west the boat comes to the rocky shores where they see boat debris in the surf, and an enormous worm-like creature is eating a humanoid.  They shoot it with arrows and it retreats to a cave in the cliffside.  Tibet jumps in and swims ashore, followed by the boat.  The group investigates the body and finds the silver locket with a cameo of Liaone in it.  This must be the body of Murvid.  The party anchors the small vessel, and heads into the cave after the monster to get revenge (and its treasure).


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