The Fall

Something's Fishy

The group heads into the coastal cavern.  The ground and walls of the cave are covered with a thick slime, making the passage treacherous and difficult.  In a sudden bout of remorse, Tibet heads off to mope on the boat while the others head in.  Fin lights a torch, and the party starts tracking down the large worm they saw enter the cave.  They are immediately set on by two walking, gurgling fish-men wielding shields and spears.  Fin attacks with his rapier, and Jean begins mocking the fish-men.  To add to the insults, Phlato puts together a makeshift fishing rod using his bow, and grappling hook, and casts off.  The foes are dispatched, and the group loots the shark-tooth necklaces being worn by the fish-men.  Phlato cuts off the head of one, and saves it as bait for later.  Tibet returns to the group, leaving the sailors outside to tend the boat.  The group tracks the Carrion Crawler up a rise in the cave floor, but ends at a chasm that is vast.  The Carrion Crawler jumps off the ceiling behind them and attacks, knocking Jean out and nearly taking Phlato down too.  Finally, Tibet takes the creature down with a flurry of blows.  The party takes a short rest at the edge of the chasm to lick their wounds, and let Jean recover.

Rested up, the party heads down the hill to the fork in the cavern where the tidal waters flow into the cave.  Tibet jumps a small stream to a slime-free piece of sandstone.  A net falls from the ceiling onto him, and he is trapped.  The intrepid Phlato jumps to his rescue, cutting him free with a single slice of his dagger.  A harpoon flies out of the darkness, narrowly misses the two, and embeds itself in the slimy cave wall.  Tibet assesses the situation and decides to get out of the way of possible future harpoons.  He picks up Phlato, and they leap back across the stream.  Fin fires off a fire bolt at large humanoid creature.  The others in the party are stunned to find out that Fin can shoot fire out of his hands.  Phlato throws his fish-man head into the tidal river, and it is immediately set upon by piranha-like fish.  The large humanoid/fish creature bursts through the waves right next to the party, covered in tiny piranha-like fish.  It takes down Phlato, and Tibet in two quick strikes.  Next it turns its attention to Jean, smacking him down without much fight.  Finally Fin, and the Merrow are facing off.  Fin dodges, weaves, and stabs nimbly and precisely with his rapier, causing deep wounds.  The piranhas continue biting the Merrow, and Fin delivers the finishing blow to the Merrow’s heart.

Fin tends to his fallen comrades, and binds their wounds.  As he heads out to the boat with the aid of the two sailors, suddenly all three stop.  An insidious malevolent voice chimes through their heads, telling them all to stay, compelling them to make camp.  They do, and in the morning the party wakes to find the sailors gone, but the boat still there, their wounds mostly healed, but scars are left behind.  They decide to go back in the cavern past where the Merrow lies dead, and around a bend to a black pool.  The light from the torch seems to be absorbed into the water.  Jean spits into the pool, and out of it rises a giant three-eyed, three mouthed fish with tentacle-like fins.  It speaks to the group, asking for assistance fending off an attack on Crossroads Bay by some goblins.  It bestows gifts upon the group, a spellbook for Fin, a map to a ruined temple that “contains what you are looking for,” for Tibet, an ancient piece of music for Jean, and a pair of Boots of Concealment for Phlato.

The Aboleth summons a shark that tows the boat back to Crossroads Bay.  They arrive at dusk.  Fin notices wanted signs for him and Tibet, promising 200gp for each of them.  Tibet heads to the merchant’s quarter and sells the gigantic harpoon.  The others go to the Salty Wind tavern and inform Liaone that her husband is dead through a cheerful song.  She asks them if they know they are wanted men, and if it’s true what they did.  They tell her they did not murder anyone.  She tells them to keep the locket with her cameo, and gives them 5gp, all she can spare.  Fin pushes the 5gp back to her, and tells her to keep it.  She leaves through the back door.  

Tibet enters the Salty Wind.  The group drinks, and talks loudly in the corner about upcoming plans to protect the city, persuade the magistrate, and avoid capture.



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