Human Gods

The Traveler, a faceless god worshipped by travelling merchants, and sailors

Holidays: Planetary alignment, Lunar/Solar Eclipses.  

Rituals: Saturday market,

Rites: Economic Equality

Taboos: Anything Free, Charity, Greed (overcharging)

Practices: Quid Pro Quo, (Robin hood), followers of the traveller can find the most favorable route even if there is not a road or trail.

Associated schools of magic: Conjuration and Transmutation


Pelor, god of the sun and light

Holidays: Equinoxes, and Solstices are celebrated by followers of this god with abandon.

Rituals: Morning Salute/prayer

Rites: Coming of age sunburn on the summer solstice, stay out all day from sunup to sundown with no food or water without clothes on.

Taboos: Going out on a moonless night, necromancy

Practices: Candle in the window for 1 hour at nightfall,

Associated schools of magic: Evocation, Illusion


Nerull, god of death and the underworld

Holidays: The Darkness of a new moon, anniversary of “the fall”

Rituals: Animal and humanoid sacrifices,

Rites: Funeral rites (copper pieces over the eyes)

Taboos: Animal Husbandry, planting crops, being raised from the dead

Practices: Fortune telling by reading bones

Associated schools of magic: Necromancy, Divination


The Twins, Tyr, and Helm, gods of war and conflict, technically two gods they are represented by two figures wrestling.  One of the gods represents fortification, preparation, strategy, and other represents armies, siege weapons, tactics

Holidays: Festival of Lanyr the Conqueror

Rituals: Arena combat on the blood moon,

Rites: Solo hunt of a dangerous monster, Martial training

Taboos: Refuse an honorable challenge, refuse to defend ones homestead

Practices: Daily training (Tyr), Daily equipment maintenance (helm) Military service.

Associated schools of magic: Abjuration, Evocation


Ehlonna, goddess of the harvest, the hunt, and fertility.

Holidays: Fall Harvest, Spring Fertility

Rituals: Animal/Humanoid Sacrifice, planting of the spring crops, harvesting of the fall crops

Rites: First Blood (girls), First reaping (boys)

Taboos: Failing to help in the harvest, turning down sex during the Spring Fertility holiday,

Practices: Followers of Elhonna can tell by the leaves, and weather when good times to plant and harvest are.  They also know how to track prey and basic Herbal medicine.

Associated schools of magic: Transmutation, Enchantment


Procan, god of the oceans, and weather

Holidays: Lunar Festival of the Tides

Rituals: Full Moon, High Tide

Rites: Drowning and being brought back

Taboos: Killing an albatross

Practices: Every follower of Procan knows how to tie sailors knots, and how to read the weather/Stars, “what is dead may never die”

Associated schools of magic: Transmutation, Necromancy


Human Gods

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