Elf Gods

Cyndora, goddess of time, infinity, travel

Holidays: centennial celebration of a new elf year

Rituals: Timelessness of Being – An elf performing this ritual renews his connection to the eternal, reversing some aging effects

Rites: Century of Solitude – An elf leaves society for a century to meditate, and contemplate eternity

Taboos: Lethargy, stubbornness

Practices: A follower of Cyndora is always busy doing something

Associated schools of magic: Transmutation, Divination, Conjuration


Corellon Larethian, god of magic, and knowledge, music, arts, war

Holidays: Festival of the Veiled Stars celebrated on the first full moon after the winter solstice, Festival of the

Rituals: Raven King’s Quest – a ritual journey to the feywild, Baptism by Moonfire – a ritual whereby a newborn elf is offered up to the moon for a lifetime of wisdom.

Rites: Trial of Logic, Taming of Emotion

Taboos: Destroying a book, forgetting something before writing it down

Practices: Followers of Corellon Larethian can figure out and intuit the properties of magic items during a short rest, particularly devout followers’ eyes sparkle.

Associated schools of magic: All


Bahamut, god of good, dragons, light, and sun

Holidays: Anniversary of the Accords of Bahamut – celebrates the day the Elves and the good dragons agreed to fight evil together, and formed the Wings of Bahamut

Rituals: Goldfeast – ritual sacrifice of gold, and other valuables for the dragons to consume/hoard

Rites: The Fall – a young elf is hoisted, or flown high up and dropped, only at the last instant is feather fall cast on the elf.  The Attunement – a ritual matching dragon and rider

Taboos: Killing a (good) Dragon, refusing to fight evil, performing an evil act

Practices: Followers of Bahamut eat heartily at every meal

Associated schools of magic: Evocation, Conjuration

Elf Gods

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