The Fall

Humble beginnings

The two travelers find their way to The Salty Wind, a tavern in the south eastern part of Crossroads Bay.  There they befriend a group of sailors, including a formidable ½ orc, Rina, and get plenty drunk.  Eventually a drinking contest turns into a friendly street brawl.  After the fight the two go back inside and and start talking to a haggard old ½ elf who reveals himself as the brother of Fin, the elf.  Slem, the ½ elf, tells them about Liaone, the tavern wench, who is looking for some help. Fin and the ½ elf, Slem, agree to continue their conversation the next day at a food cart in the merchant quarter.  Tibet goes off to forage food for the next day by the river.  Fin asks Liaone about her need for help, and discovers that her husband, Murvid, went fishing two days ago, and didn't come back.  She wants Fin to find him.  He agrees.  The adventurers find lodging for the night and spend an uneventful night sleeping and journaling.

Next morning the adventurers eat well off the previous day's catch.  Tibet nurses a hangover while Fin goes to buy a map and almost gets conned into buying a bunch of useless boating gear.  Tibet is kicked out of the inn and spends an hour pickpocketing outside the front door, making a tidy profit.  Meanwhile Fin meets up with Slem and they discuss The Fall.  Slem tells Fin about the Wings of Bahamut and the shame that their father brought upon their family by still being alive when his dragon had gone off and been killed in a trap, same goes for Fin’s mom.  Slem gives Fin the other Wing of Bahamut amulet, and tells him to give it to a worthy soul.  Fin asks Slem to come with him, but he insists his journey is over.  Fin makes Slem promise to write down as much as he can remember about The Fall and Slem says he will.

Fin returns to the inn and Tibet pickpockets him before realizing who he is pickpocketing.  Tibet decides to keep the money.

Fin and Tibet head to the docks for more information just as the fishing boats start to come in.  The adventurers discover that people have been disappearing from the docks area of town for at least two weeks.  Two of the known missing include Annapher, a dock hand, and Jollegher, a beggar.  They talk with and bribe the shady harbormaster who seems evasive about recent ship activity, but was otherwise cooperative, even giving the names of the boats some of the missing people were working on.

They then find a shipwright who knows Murvid and tells them where he usually fishes, to the west of town near a rocky outcropping.  They also learn that one of the recent dockside disappearances was the son of a merchant who had been conscripted into the town militia.  The party rents a small fishing boat from the man, and agrees to set sail the next morning.  They talke with fishermen as they return for the day and confirmed Murvid’s normal fishing spot.  With the remaining daylight they plan to go see the magistrate and ask him questions about the disappearances.



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