The Fall

Defense of Crossroads Bay

After taking a short break the heroes set a trap for any incoming invaders made of the Ogre’s clubs.  While up on the ramparts they notice that the other North gate has been breached, and run through town to help fight the goblins.  They come to the north bridge where a lone warrior is fending off the attacks of many goblins.  Tibet tries to jump over the warrior and into the fray, but succeeds only in pushing him.  With the aid of the heroes, the bridge is held.  The heroes cross and the warrior introduces himself as Ronthar, the half human.  Tibet, noticing the gray skin, green eyes, and tusks replies, “Oh, you’re a half orc.”  to which Ronthar looks bemused, and says, “Where half-orc?  I half-human!”

Ronthar runs off to defend the town, and the rest follow.  As he runs past an alley, Ronthar notices a Hobgoblin and a Worg.  He charges them immediately, and is quickly backed up by the others.  Vessel hits hard, but receives a grievous blow from the Hobgoblin in return.  Tibet runs up the wall and behind the enemies, blocking their escape.  As the Hobgoblin is running away on his mount, the heroes kill it out from under him, and he flies off, striking the ground, winded.  Ronthar wastes no time in delivering the finishing blow to his disabled opponent, striking the hobgoblin in the neck.

Fin and Tibet check out the maps and charts that the hobgoblin had, and note that it is a map of the town with vulnerabilities, and choke points noted.  Ronthar checks the group for wounds, and, noting that the wounds are negligible, runs off into the town toward some burning buildings.

Over the din of flames the heroes hear civilians trapped in one of the buildings.  As they approach an ambush of nearly 20 goblins jump out of hiding, and begin pummeling the party with arrows.  Most are off the mark, are deflected by armor, or caught by shields, but a few find their marks.  Tibet runs, and leaps, using the power of his Ki to propel himself.  He lands in an open window on the second story of the building, surrounded by smoke, and flames.  Outside, the others close the gap and slice many of the goblins to pieces, but not without taking their fare share of blows.  Tibet makes his way downstairs toward the screaming, and finds the civilians, nearly passed out from smoke inhalation.  He tries to open the door, but cannot.  It is barred from the outside.  He kicks and punches the door, furiously trying to knock it down.  It splinters, but does not give way.  Fin, hearing the noise from inside the building, runs up and unbars the door.  As the civilians leave, and Tibet runs out, the roof collapses in a mass of soot, embers, and smoke.  One civilian is immediately shot and killed by a goblin as he leaves.  The other, a young girl is horrified, but continues to run.  Soon the remaining goblins realize that they are outmatched, and attempt to flee.  Six retreat, and four of the remaining goblins manage to escape.

The group moves on and takes a moment to lick their wounds at a guard post that has not yet fallen.  Tibet strong arms a guard into giving him beer.  Saddled Worgs run by without riders during their rest, and a fleeing guard joins the group.  From there the heroes decide to give ground to Sidoi bridge.

Debris, rubble, destroyed furniture, and a cart are set up in the western side of the bridge.  Soon after the barricade’s construction a small force of mounted hobgoblins attacks followed by a Hill Giant.  Without much trouble the hobgoblins and the worgs are dispatched thanks to steady pummeling by Fin’s arrows, and Tibet’s fists, and some good swordplay by Ronthar, and Vessel.  In the meantime, the Giant runs up to the barricade.  It swings wildly, and Vessels magic wards off a blow.  Enraged the giant levels a flattening blow against Vessel.  Too late the giant realizes it has been hit harder than it can sustain and falls under the swords, arrows, and magical onslaught of the heroes.

Above, the manticore flies off to the North, and it seems the pressure has let up a bit.  It is unclear what lies in the Northeastern part of Crossroads Bay, but Merchant’s Rise, the Docks, and the Trade Quarter all remain intact.



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